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We can’t emphasize this enough –  your brand needs to be on social media. No matter your size or industry, social media is a must. It’s obvious – as an intelligent ecommerce company, you should invest into platforms that your customers use. And social media is certainly one of them!

Social media management has a lot of benefits for ecommerce companies. Firstly, just being on social media increases your reliability as customers like to see companies on the platforms they already use. Second, social media provides ecommerce companies with an opportunity to connect with their actually and show that you actually care. Customers love companies that care for them! Also, social media helps you build a community around your products and services, which can be a great way to subtly selling your products and services on social media!

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Our History of Social Media Management

Our love for social media started way back in 2010 when our founders started using social media marketing for their own business. Since that they, we’ve developed a social media culture within our company that focuses on growing our understanding of social media to help our clients grow.

From sharing tweets on Twitter to creating pins on Pinterest, we continue to explore the social media universe to find ways to effectively promote our clients’ ecommerce stores.

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The e-commerce industry is expanding and flourishing at an increasing speed. With internet usage growing bigger and bigger day by day, online shopping has become the new portal for internet users to get whatever they want while enjoying the comfort of their homes. The ability to get whatever you want in one click has revolutionized the retail market. Brands such as Amazon are extensively used that it still happens to be the most used website.

Today, almost every top retailer and e-commerce company in the world have their own online store, expanding the outreach. They have realized how social media can not only influence people but also act as a platform to share opinions and views in a slightly informal way. 

If you take a look from the customer’s point of view, e-commerce websites provide a great platform as they get many options to choose from before making the decision to buy. There is a lot of competition in the e-commerce industry which makes it vital to have a greater social media presence. Social media has proven to be extremely useful in expanding businesses and contributing to their success. With proper and clever strategies, you can improve your online visibility and reach out to new customers. Thus, e-commerce social media marketing will offer you an effective way to increase your brand’s awareness while also increasing your buyers. 

The presence of social media is important to the e-commerce industry and weighing in on the process of building a strong social media following will help you boost your business. 


What is e-commerce social media marketing? 

E-commerce social media marketing is the usage of social media as a platform to market an e-commerce store. Today e-commerce stores have the opportunity to use social media to their advantage by creating social media profiles that will help you build a strong brand that will attract more online customers and generate remarkable online sales. 

Importance of social media in E-commerce 

Competition in any industry is very crucial for its growth and the e-commerce industry is no exception to it. The influence of social media on anything is so significant in today’s technologically driven society that it becomes important for every industry to consider the impact of social media on their businesses. 

If you don’t have a social media profile for your business, then your competition probably is. Almost 40% of all businesses apply social media e-commerce by selling on many platforms. Facebook and Instagram are some of the topmost social media platforms used by e-commerce industries. The largest social networks have billions of active users, many of them actively shop online and this is an audience you don’t want to miss. 

Internet users have become a vital buyer base for marketers to bag and advertise through various social media platforms. You will be able to get the opportunity to capture the targeted audience who will later share their shopping adventures online. It’s a recurring process that is bound to increase your profits in the e-commerce industry.

Social Media is not only a way for people to interact with each other, it’s also an open space for e-commerce industries to showcase their products as desirable through attractive images and interesting facts about their products. So, an active investment in social media will boost your income and awareness among the public. Investing in social media is something that will give your rest-assured returns.

Technological advancement has made it possible for your business to track everything on your social media profile, from clicks, sales to traffic, and much more every easily tracked through advertising your products on social media. Incorporating social media e-commerce in your business can help you determine the exact return on your investment which is bound to be profitable. 


Elements of a Complete Social Media Ecommerce Strategy

  • Clear Objectives: Before going into the intricacies of social media e-commerce, you must set, achievable yet challenging goals for your business. A clear plan of action including your product selection, budget for your advertisement, the kind of audience you want to attract towards your business, and the overall growth that you are excepting from your business must be chalked out before you start your online journey. If you are not sure about your desires and goals, the right guidance can help you layout your goals based on your business needs. 
  • Policy Development: Having a sort out strategy representing your objectives clearly is vital for the growth of your business. You must form well-structured policies to make your social media profile represent what your followers are looking for while being able to provide them solutions as per their demands. 
  • Content Advertising: Your followers will definitely want a profile that is appealing and informative at the same time. The visual content must be attractive and engaging enough to draw more followers and buyers. Content is always regarded as the happiness and pride of social media. We put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and create engaging content based on the research that will absolutely match with them, whether it is sharing trends, offering them an ideal deal, or informing them on how to make their lives easier. In addition to this, we also focus on sharing a combination of staged photography, organic shots, and user-generated pictures to maintain the balance of professional and relatable content. The digital storefront of your business are these social media platforms and investing in content marketing will increase your viewership and sales exponentially. Having a profile that fits perfectly to the needs and specifications of your followers will help you gain immense popularity among the community. The photos and graphic designs of your products must be both professional and up to date to expand your outreach and create more awareness about your product.
  • Social Media Management: Customers and followers expect to have a good experience out of your service and in order for them to have a great experience you must actively engage in social media management. Having a focused and accountable customer service department is of great importance when it comes to a customer having a good or bad experience shopping online. Monitoring reviews and being responsive to your followers online is one effective way to keep your social presence intact. Thus, having professional and effective customer service will not only help you form a strong presence but also have lasting relationships with your customers.


Social Media: How it can Benefit E-commerce Companies

Having gone through the process of building an effective social media strategy for your business, it is important to know how it will benefit your business.

  1. Reach your target audience: Search engine optimization is something that can you achieve this goal. The right optimization of your site for search engines and running PPC campaigns will allow you to reach users while they are looking for specific products. Yet, social media will help you reach them in their favorite places online. Social media should be an active component of your business plan.
  • Subtly engage your target audience: While ads and other marketing tools provide a very formal way of reaching out to your clients, social media is an informal, casual platform to connect with users. Making it a two-way conversation will accelerate productivity and increase your knowledge about what your clients need.
  • Broadening your online presence: Considering how extensively people access the internet on a daily basis, marketing your business on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will bring you great returns. This actually works very well for e-commerce retailers. It is time to go over the edge and put your business out there in the world for people to see.
  • Help your brand get shared online: The nature of social media is such that it allows you to share the information you have with the people around you. That is exactly how the ‘going viral’ phenomenon works. Thus, the very nature of social media has the power of sharing and spreading your content around. 


How to make your e-commerce style unique?

It is important to have your own unique way of connecting with users that makes you different from the rest. A tailored approach is what will help you stand out among the rest. It is important to take a personal effort for each of your clients so that they feel valued. And when you value your customer, they will value your brand. Through the effective use of social media, your approach will reach more people. In the end, you should have a goal you want to ultimately achieve, and rest assured social media will help you full those targets.


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