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It’s no secret – we all are addicted to Google. An average person performs at least 10 searches on Google every single day. We use Google to search for everything from the coffee shop near our office to look for that exact t-shirt we saw someone wearing at the supermarket. Google is hands down the king of search.

So, if you want to be there when your customers come searching for you, you have to optimize your website for Google & Bing search. Google has given specific guidelines to help website owners understand how they can optimize their website for search. At Motivate Connection, we use those exact guidelines to optimize your website. It’s best to get the info from the source.

Your new website can’t rank for all keywords and the SEO process also takes some time. So we’ll be realistic with our approach. When working with you, we’ll set realistic goals that we can actually achieve and follow up on.

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  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO includes everything that needs to be optimized about your website's code and servers. Leave it to us.

  • Optimized Content Creation

    Based on your target keywords, we'll create optimized content that will rank your website higher on Google!

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research includes researching all possible words/phrases your customers could perform on Google. Then we target the best ones.

  • Off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO focuses on getting backlinks to your website from other valuable sources on the internet.

Our History of Search Engine Optimization

Google has been one of our top marketing mediums for many years now. As Google provides essentially free traffic once you rank high enough, it provides solid return on investment.

We started working on SEO for our clients in 2016, and since then, we’ve been watching all the new updates coming to the Google algorithms. We only focus on ‘white hat SEO’ to create sustainable ranking growth for our clients.

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Be found. Be on Google.

If you are a business owner, you must be aware of the stress that comes with finding new and innovative ways to market your ecommerce brand. It is indeed a tedious task that involves a lot of stress and brainstorming. The first thing any business owner does today is setting up a website. But the work isn’t done there.

We at Motivate Connection come across many business owners who unfortunately do not make it big even though they have stunning and interactive websites, because they forget the most crucial step after setting up the website. Well, don’t rack your brains for it is a very common mistake people make. They simply forget to invest in Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to make sure that you get the wide audience that you desire. Nowadays, customers have been observed to be spending a vast amount of time online. These long durations and the advent of modern technology has impacted shopping and viewing habits.

So then what can you do to ensure that your brand is on the minds of your target audience? Well, here is some information specially curated by Motivate Connection. We have collated answers to many crucial queries that you may have regarding what and why Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential for e-commerce websites. 


What is Search Engine Optimization? 

The answer can be explained by the most common habit human beings have today. Well, you do it every day, in fact, you do it so much you never pay any significant attention to how much it matters. Whenever one requires to find something for themselves, they no longer take word of mouth or go to the store, they Google it! Why do you ask? Online shopping today has become the most convenient and cheap means to get what you want and also be privy to all the options one may have online. Online shopping is the way to go. SEO enables users and customers to find new businesses through search engines like Google. Trust us, the probability of someone finding out your business online is higher than that by ordinary means of marketing. 


Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?

Here is why you must invest in search engine optimization. It is easy and helps gain traction with your audience which is your main priority. We all know that building brand awareness is essential to any brand. This is an important prerequisite for building a clientele. In short, if you are not shown in the results when your services or products are googled, you might as well go out of business. In case you fail to take this important step, you may lose out on a lot of potential clientele for your brand.

Why not tap that clientele by something as simple as SEO? It is one of the best ways to prepare your business for greater heights and success. An ecommerce marketing agency helps you set up all that you need for this purpose. Because when speaking of SEO, you just don’t want any random search engine to show your e-commerce website, you want your website to be a highly ranked page that shows up on popular search engines like Google.

In case your page does not rank well, these search engines will not show it in results when your products or services are searched. So, you need to hop on this very lucrative bandwagon and give your brand the jumpstart that it requires. 


Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce

The benefits of Search Engine Optimisation are many-fold. However, as someone who is venturing out recently in that world, we get that you may be anxious. Well, fret not as we are here to make sure that you have some pointers before you get started with search engine optimization for your ecommerce website. Here is a list of benefits you’ll get as a business owner if you choose to have an agency work on SEO for your brand.

  1. Build organic traffic to your website 

One thing that we all are guilty of doing is never going to page 2 of Google when we search for some service or product! Often the common practice is to choose from the options available to us on the front page rather than going around in circles and looking at any results that don’t surface on top. Here is where Search engine optimization comes into play. It ensures that your website gains organic traffic. With SEO, you will be a search result that features on top and be chosen at a higher rate. 

  1. Increase brand visibility and exposure 

When you are starting a new business or even setting up a new website, your first goal probably is growing visibility and exposure. Brand visibility is essential to any new business owner and proper SEO will enable you to rest assured on that front. 

  1. Generate more sales 

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get what you want and fast- sales. It is the most commonly used and popular means of marketing. Once you get it right it will make sure that you gain sales. The keywords which are an essential means of SEO E-commerce enable you to connect with the audience that you are targeting. 

  1. Build your credibility 

Needless to say, once your brand shows up on the top results when its products or services are googled, you are going to build credibility for your brand. Optimized content will boost your credibility like nothing you have done before. Ensuring that your marketing techniques build credibility is only icing on top of the cake. 


Search Engine Optimization Strategies for E-Commerce Websites  

Here are some Search Engine Optimization strategies that will work well for e-commerce websites like yours. 

  1. Keywords- The first golden rule of search engine optimization is to add keywords that are right for your website. Ensuring that you use the right keywords is half of the job well done. 
  2. On-Page SEO- This refers to optimization that is done on the website. This includes crafting blog content, landing pages, site structure, and server settings. We also recommend that you implement an analytics software.
  3. Ongoing SEO- Well, SEO is not a one-time thing. Your website requires constant attention and revamping. The trends are always changing and as an e-commerce business, your website needs to be up to date!
  4. Relevant Content- The most basic requirement that many people miss is to have relevant content on your website. The interactive, interesting, and creative content building should be the focus of any new business owner. 
  5. Internal Linking- Internal linking is one of the most viable SEO techniques that help you to engage your audience and keep the traffic growing on your internal pages. It enables search engines to understand what you are offering and rank you accordingly. 
  6. Detailed Meta Descriptions- Meta descriptions are what draw a customer in. They are small detailed notes that help your content rank better online. These descriptions enable you to ensure that your brand is more visible and reaches more people.
  7. Quality Site Architecture- It may seem that the job is done once the website is set up but that is far from the truth. You must ensure that your site content and the digital makeup of the same is right and speaks of your brand’s vision. 
  8. Blog Regularly- The most innovative way to keep your audience interested is to blog regularly. With eCommerce SEO help from Motivate Connection, you will have properly conceptualized content that will enable you to keep your audience engaged and coming back.   


Why Choose Motivate Connection?

At Motivate Connection, we ensure that your brand uses the right kind of strategies that will propel it forward. We have tons of industry experience and have worked with many e-commerce websites.

At Motivate Connection, we have a team of professionals who work day in and day out to provide you a full service. We will ensure that you are equipped with services like blogging, social media management, advertising, and email marketing, and many more services that will help your brand. If you choose us you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a team of specialists that is well versed with each of the services we mentioned above.

Contact us now, and we can get started on your ecommerce website’s search engine optimization right away!

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