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Quality content is the no. 1 catalyst of digital success.

Everything you read, watch and listen online is content. Content is in fact so essential to ecommerce marketing that without it, your campaign is doomed to fail.

But creating effective content isn’t easy. One needs to understand what content their audience is really interested in and then still create something unique. Then it’s also the question of creating content in various forms like blogs, videos, podcasts and more. To really pull this off for your ecommerce company, you need the help of experts.

Motivate Connection has been helping ecommerce companies with their content generation needs for many years. Our team of content writers and video producers can bring your ideas to life and help you sell more!

Along with content creation, we can also manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube. From traffic ads on Facebook to conversion & shopping ads on Google, our team can help you sell more with ads!

Why choose us?

We can both create and advertise your content.

  • Blogs & Listicles

    Our team can research and create blogs and listicles that will not only drive traffic from Google but will help you go viral!

  • Videos & Commercials

    We use various video animation software to create stunning videos and commercials for you!

  • Emails & Newsletters

    Email marketing still works! We can create regular email blasts and newsletters that will keep your audience engaged.

  • PPC Advertising

    For both small or big budgets, we can create and manage your ad campaigns on Facebook & Google!

Our History of Content Creation & Advertising

Our love of content is as old as the popular content platforms themselves!

We’ve worked with numerous companies to plan and create content in all popular formats – blogs, videos, website content, podcasts, infographics, eBooks and more! All this experience enables us to quickly grasp the needs of an ecommerce company and create effective content accordingly.

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Organic & Paid Content - Best of Both Worlds

With the advent of technology, marketing have been revolutionized. Today we witness newer and better ways to market one’s brand. Many business owners mistakenly assume that their job is over once they have set up their website. This point of view is incorrect and may affect your brand’s credibility along with its reach.

Today is the age of content marketing, and advertising your brand online. The times of print media and relying on word of mouth for extending the reach of your brand are a thing of the past.  If you have been looking for ways and means to enhance your credibility and widen your target audience, we have this information specially curated for you. 

Content marketing is getting quite competitive, and to really gain ROI from it, you have to be willing to do more.

Let us together make your brand more reachable to your target audience. But before you make the important decision of investing in ecommerce content marketing, we want to make sure that you are fully aware of what all Motivate Connection can offer you. 


What is Ecommerce Content Marketing? 

Content Marketing ideally covers all the creation and sharing of online materials such as videos, blogs, social media posts, and other such interactive means to promote your brand and ensure that more and more people take interest in your products and services. Content marketing is a very strategic means of creating content. Nowadays, the traditional means of marketing have become obsolete. If you wish to make it big in this age, commonly called the golden age of information, you must ensure that you hop on the wagon of online marketing.

All the popular brands and leaders of the market today employ content marketing and online advertising to ensure that they are still relevant and up to date with the audience preferences. 


How will Content Marketing and Advertising help your brand?   

Thinking of visiting a store for buying what you need? A natural tendency is to gravitate to the shopping mall instead of shops that don’t look all that enamoring. It’s all about the first impression your brand creates on the audience. Today, in this age where each one of us owns a phone and is on the internet for the better part of the day, any brand will be left behind if they do not tap into this huge resource- the internet. Ecommerce marketing has revolutionized the way marketing works by ensuring that each brand has its own unique way of presenting itself.

Content marketing, a subcategory of this new means of marketing is a great way of promoting specific products and services on e-commerce websites. Some of the benefits of employing these techniques are outlined in the next section. 


Benefits of Content Marketing and Advertising

If you invest in ecommerce content marketing, you can be rest assured that it will reap good results. Some of which you may not have even envisioned when you started. E-Commerce websites have been gaining popularity over the course of the past few years. With this sudden change in the trend of shopping and customer preferencesm it is imperative that we look at how content marketing will enable your brand to reach new heights. Here are some benefits to the same:

  1. Greater Brand Exposure 

Content marketing enables greater brand exposure. So much so that you will notice that you are reaching a much wider and diverse audience from what you earlier did.   

  1. Increase in your Digital Footprint 

Content marketing and advertising online will significantly impact your digital footprint. Once you start creating good content online, your digital footprint will increase thereby increasing your exposure.  An increase in the same will enable you to enhance your visibility online. 

  1. Provide Solutions to your Customer’s Problems 

When you create content online, you can be rest assured that you will witness many opportunities to solve problems for your clients. This is because such content marketing techniques allow you to easily communicate directly with your clients. In turn, this communication also improves your credibility, thereby, making you a well-loved brand. Even blogs that are created under the ambit of content marketing help greatly to solve common issues that your audience may be facing, thereby making you a trusted name. 

  1. Become an Industry Expert  

With prim and proper content on your website, no one will doubt your industry knowledge. The first thing that a customer will do after coming to your website is to see if she/he can trust your brand. If you have content on your website that does not inspire confidence, things might not go so well for you. This is why we recommend content building. Creating content that will inspire and encourage the customer to place their trust in you is the focus of commerce content marketing. Such content will not only increase their trust but also help in making you an industry expert.  

  1. Sell More with Greater Reach 

Like we said before, once you have ticked all the boxes when it comes to content marketing, you will be able to not only reach new people who wish to buy from you but also see a significant improvement in your sales. Many e-commerce websites do not properly market themselves thus seeing no improvement in their sales. We recommend that you woo your clients and new customers with content that will not only interest them but which promotes your products and services.


How will Content Marketing help an E-Commerce Website?

Now that you have been well versed with the benefits of Content Marketing, we want to discuss how an e-commerce website can benefit from it. An ecommerce marketing agency, when hired to create content for you can help you in the following ways:

  1. Help of Content Marketing Experts– When you have a team of trained marketing experts you will have content developers at your beck and call. These trained professionals will ensure that you get the best service there is which is much better than doing it yourself. 
  2. Access to Full Marketing Services- When you hire an ecommerce marketing agency, you will gain access to a package of various marketing services that your website will need.
  3. Tailor Made Strategies for you – Most times people get lost following the trend and not doing something that will be ingenious to their brand. When you hire for Content Marketing, you will notice that the professionals will create a strategy that suits you best. 
  4. Building a Brand Story- Content creating will help greatly to curate a brand story for you. Your customers will be able to see your vision when they read your blogs and social media posts, thereby, increasing your reach and popularity.
  5. Generating traffic- The bottom line of setting up a website is to ensure that your reach significantly increases. With digital marketing and especially content creation, we can assure you that you will generate a lot of traffic and the same will bring you a lot of sales! 


Why Choose Motivate Connection?

At Motivate Connection we have a team of professionals who work day in and day out to provide you a full service. We will ensure that you are equipped with content marketing services like blogging, social media management, advertising, and email marketing, and many more that will help your brand. We curate content that promotes your commitment to the cause and spreads the word about the mission. We ensure that you get your best game out.

Digital marketing is the way forward and we recommend that you hop on the bandwagon before you fail to make the best of what we can offer. We will curate a set of strategies for your brand to make sure that you are not bothered with the toil and trouble of mulling over what would suit you best and how to go about it.  

Contact us today to get started on your ecommerce brand’s content marketing and advertising!

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