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Your logo and essentially your brand is your first impression on your customers. In today’s competitive era where thousands of companies are aiming for the same market, what really makes you stand out is your brand.

Your brand is more than just your logo, it’s your identity. It’s the way you present your products and services. It’s the way you tell your story. It’s who you are.

As an ecommerce company, branding for you is more important than ever. If you want to beat the ecommerce giants in your niche, you’ll have to create a strong brand that resonates with the audience. It’s all about getting in their shoes and thinking like they do. Be so good that they can’t ignore you!

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    Along with creating your branding, we also create a guidelines document that can be used by others you work with.

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    As an ecommerce company, you'll also need attractive designs for your packaging and printing materials. We'll take care of it!

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Our History of Branding

We are designing logos and creating brands since 2016. A lot has changed over the years but the need to have a strong brand hasn’t.

We have worked with many companies from industries like home decor, pets products, kids products, beauty products, etc. As our focus is on ecommerce companies, we were able to understand the ins and outs of what works when it comes to ecommerce branding.

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WOW! Your Customers With Our Branding & Strategy

The world of e-commerce is a pool of diverse industries and consumers coming together in this new era of technologically driven society. Everything from small groceries to big consignments, today the world is run by e-commerce and it’s only growing and evolving to be more customer-friendly. Brands play a huge role in attracting customers to their respective companies. Having a recognizable and savvy brand name is very crucial in making the e-commerce business a success.

We at Motivate Connection specifically recommend taking a look at your brand mentions, brand searches, media mentions, and your net promoter score. These metrics can enjoy gaining a comprehensive understanding of what the readers are saying about your business brand, what sections of your website they appreciate the most, and what motivates them to buy.

Here, we will take you through the importance of building a brand in e-commerce and weigh in on the process of building a unique brand that will bring success to your business.


E-commerce Brand and Its Meaning

An e-commerce brand is not just about the logo, the design, or the tagline but it’s also about how people form a connection with the brand which leaves a positive impression on them. It’s about creating a personality for the brand to stand out from all the others. Creating a unique personality for the business with an appealing brand is what will make the customers come back to your business again and again.


The Importance of Building an E-commerce Brand

The process of building a potential e-commerce brand is very vital and significant for any e-commerce business to flourish and succeed. With today’s advanced technology people are shifting to online shopping more than ever, making the eCommerce business more exposed to heavy competition. So, it becomes critical for your business to develop strong brands that will attract people’s trust and confidence, giving you a competitive edge. 

Having a powerful brand catering to the needs of the customers will give your business an edge over your fellow competitors and thus making the consumers your loyal customers. With customer loyalty comes trust, which can also help your business during difficult times as customers who once get attached to an e-commerce website, will always show their support no matter what. 

Customers today have become the key to successful businesses. Products go viral overnight, new brands find their way into the heavily competitive area, making the e-commerce field more vulnerable to new changes and technology. This is where e-commerce branding becomes even more important, where a trustable brand can hold on to customers even with heavy competition. The four pillars of any company branding are: 


Vision is the force that drives a company to success. Having a clear and strong vision is what helps the customers to connect with the company on a more personal level. Your company’s vision must be depicted on your brand in a way that attracts people to your business. It doesn’t need to be expensive but only needs to be powerful enough to reflect your company’s true aspirations and goals. 


Values bring your business and your customers together. Your company’s values reflect your ideology and the main purpose of your activities. Thus it becomes highly vital to create a brand name that will reflect your values in the most positive way possible to connect your customers with your business at a much larger level. 


Your company needs to have a voice of its own through which it’s able to communicate with the customers. The brand voice of your company can depend on different goals and agendas that your company may have, but this voice must be in a position to leave an impact on the customers so as to make them permanent buyers. 


Brand visuals are signs related to your organization. A logo is the most different and unique mark that will become the face of your company. A logo must be memorable and relatable to the buyers to grab their attention quickly. The typography of your brand name must be in a way that appeals to the customers but must also show your company’s style and appearance effectively. Colors invoke various emotional responses from buyers. Through research, it can be said that your company’s brand recognition can increase by 80% by effectively using colors in your brand name.

Your Brand name is multifaceted, which means that only one aspect cannot be taken into consideration while forming a brand name. To plan it in a successful way, you will have to take into account everything that your business stands for i.e., from visuals, goals, presentation to communication with your target audience. So, to start, here are some strategies for building your e-commerce brand name to grab your customers’ attention and to stand out from the competition. 

  1. Establish your Style and Display the Benefits of your Brand

Today with the rise of technology, there are many options and platforms to buy one product. So, to stand out from the crowd, your style must be a tad unique and different from the rest. As customers are getting more and more aware of e-commerce, authenticity plays a very important role for the buyers. They look for brands that display true and authentic products. Your brand must focus on displaying these key points to gain the trust of the buyers. 

  1. Be Dependable and True to your Buyers

One of the reasons why e-commerce is growing at a fast rate is the easy access to it. Customers must feel that they can depend on your company and the brand and this can be achieved by being true and loyal to your buyers, by giving them the best quality product and services. A brand is known to be truly successful when it has gained the trust and loyalty of its customers. 

  1. Know your Buyers

The foundation of any business comes from knowing its audience. Today there are different people wanting different things, so you must identify your target audience as it will be easier for you to mold your marketing strategy according to it which will get you more customers naturally. To achieve this, you must know who your buyers are, what their specific needs are, and where they are from to provide them quality service. 

  1. Stress on the Quality of the Products

Initially instead of focusing on many products, try to improve the conditions and the quality of your existing products. Buyers today don’t accept or even tolerate inferior products which will ultimately lead to your business losing its customers. So, to tackle this issue, you must start with putting your attention towards increasing the quality of your products that will make the buyers incline towards your brand and thus, your brand will be more popular and famous. 

  1. Provide Diversified Content

Content drives the e-commerce world. It lets you have a more personal relationship with your customers. Introduce relatable content with regards to the functioning of your business and try to involve the buyers in a fun and exciting way. Keep your customers engaged by creating content like podcasts, videos, infographics, etc., which will also help you build a stronger brand name in the market. 

  1. Share your Journey

Successful e-commerce brands always have an impactful story to tell. Make your customers the star of your story and they will be able to connect with your brand on a bigger level. Share the journey of your business through your website, the packaging, and press release. Have an emotional and impactful story to tell, that will attract more customers for you. 

  1. Be a Part of Something Bigger

Though customers primarily want to enjoy the buy, they also value brands with charitable causes. Brands that promote such causes immediately tend to grab attention. Be a part of something bigger than just your goals. Being a successful brand means that you address the current issues that customers face. You can build your army of loyal customers by being a part of an important cause while also supporting the cause financially.


This is where Motivate Connection can assist you in your e-commerce website branding efforts. We offer business owners an easy way to streamline branding messaging throughout the entire organization to make sure everybody in your organization has the massage right.

Wondering how to go about it? It is time to halt your search and go for Motivate Connection! Motivate Connection is a full-service digital marketing agency with its primary focus in digital marketing, specializing in putting you in front of the right audience, and meeting your unique demands. Get ahead of the competition with a better plan!

Our team will help you track the useful and effective strategies for client acquisition and to speed up growth. Apart from being excellent in ecommerce branding & strategy, we also provide services that include, social media management, social growth, SEO, web development, and automation.

Create a world-class brand strategy for your business and see how it alters the game for your online presence!

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